ILED Designcast #2: Can games really make a difference in learning?

(ILED Designcasts is a series of informal video discussions between ILED co-founders Bucky Dodd and Rob Reynolds. Each short video addresses a current topic in educational media or technology from the perspective of Learning Environment Design. Click here to see our Designcast schedule and topics.)

Can Games Really Make a Difference in Learning?

In this ILED Designcast episode, we tackle the topic of the games and gamification. Besides being fun, what value do games really have in learning? What's the connection between game design and learning design? If we want to integrate game elements into learning, what adjustments should we make to our learning environments?

In our discussion, we focus on important elements of games -- challenges, exploration, and leveling up -- and discuss how those elements can be used to transform or improve any learning environment.




Gamification of Learning

Gamification in Learning

eXperience Play: Educational Texr-based Games